The goal of branding your company is to ensure that potential customers know exactly who your brand is, and that you look professional. Just like you’d have a custom URL for your website. You need a custom email address to provide consistent branding.

@Gmail, @Yahoo, etc. scream ‘Unprofessional!’

 consider this: if you were thinking about spending a fair amount of money with a company, which salesperson email would you feel more confident in contacting first?

(a) [email protected] -Or- (b) [email protected]

Using free email addresses detracts customers from the value you want to offer. They’re too busy trying to figure out why you didn’t spring for the nominal cost of a custom email address if you are legitimate. Competitors all use custom email addresses, this might be the single factor that sends business elsewhere. Email addresses shouldn’t validate your credibility, but sadly, it does. Make sure the impression that potential customers get of your brand isn’t marred by that free email address you are using.

Standardized Email Addresses

This is especially important as you grow your staff: when you have your own custom email address, you can use a format for all other email addresses. So maybe you use [email protected] or first[initial][email protected]. This provides consistency in your business, and customers can easily remember the formula for your company email addresses.

When you use free emails, you’re at the mercy of whatever usernames are still available. If your name is Stan Dlamini, good luck getting that email without adding all kinds of characters and numbers to the address, like [email protected]!

Just Fired Someone? Keep Control

What happens when your marketing manager leaves, taking her personal email with her? If she was using it to conduct business for your organization, you won’t be able to access those emails.

On the other hand, if you set up an account under her name, you can redirect those emails to go to your newly hired marketing manager. Or, you could create a generic email for certain roles, like [email protected] so that the new hire just takes over management of that account. They would just need to change the display name to their own.

Branded Email Does Your Marketing

Have you ever seen someone’s email address on a business card and looked up the website because you were curious? That doesn’t happen with free email addresses. But, if you use your domain in merchandise and cards, you’re getting your brand in front of more eyeballs.

That email address should appear in each employee’s email signature, as well as on business cards and marketing materials. Every place you have that branded email address is one more opportunity to attract new business!

Unlimited Email Accounts

Even if you’re a one-person operation, you can create emails for different purposes like sales, customer service, orders, etc. This can give the impression that your company is larger than it is (which is not a bad thing), and in the event that one day you hire for those roles, you can simply assign those email addresses to other employees.


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