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Web Design Maverick

I've run and lost businesses. Moved to online shopping. Here we are. The best website and app designers from Eswatini. Focusing on convenient and reliable shopping experiences.

King of Laptop Repair

I repair faulty motherboards and love casing and hinge repair. My Service is King.

24hr Premium Support

I advise clients on the best combination of solutions to their innovative tech needs.

What I Care For

Proven business concepts that work. Transformed into websites and mobile apps that set you apart from your competitors.

You Provide Details

Tell me what you need to achieve by completing my in-depth project questionnaires

I Analyze & Plan

I present you with a UI/UX strategy that will achieve your business goals

I Deliver

I custom design and code your website with your involvement each step of the way

Introducing The NERD


I build custom websites in just one week.

Websites & Apps that work.

Major Benefits

What makes me different from the others who’ve copied this idea over the years?

Three main components  make my program different.

Strategic Analysis

I've been doing this foreeeever, I know what you should and shouldn't be done for your type of business. I'll deliver strategies and solutions that are proven to work.

Custom Design

Your website is brought to life as a lovingly hand-crafted custom by an expert design and developer. A business website by Eswatini's best.

Strategic Analysis

I'm here pre to post service to help you with anything that you might need. Always ready with the best solution to your tech needs.

Restaurants, Boutiques, Hotels, Corporates, Car Wash, Hawkers, Entrepreneurs, etc.

Start right away

for a

August/September 2021


R 1909.99 P.A

+your domain name.
+Business email account set up.
[email protected].
+Free Welcome /Landing Page with 3 sections
+ Free Facebook Live Chat Integration.
+Text+Video Call Remote Support.


You'll get in EVERY design

Our mobiles might be offline. But the online sales strategy I will deliver for your business will tailor you for 24Hr online presence to even when you’re asleep. 

Custom Theme

I'll deliver a custom theme that oozes that premium feeling, helps your business make more sales, and lives up to the ideals of your brand.


I create your menus and add content for you, either as much as we can during the design and build week or just the key pages to help you on your way.


I’ll add the custom code or plugins needed for your type of business - from blog commenting, social media sharing and testimonials, to SEO tools that I’ll also configure for you.

100% Responsive Design

Your site will reach everyone, regardless of the device they’re using to access it or where they’re accessing it from. Your customers will appreciate our eye for optimization and fast load speeds on mobile.

Internal Pages

Add, edit and remove pages at will. All aspects of your website will be customizable and under your complete control, with multiple page layouts.


Build interest in your product or service with the included optional blog templates and social functionality, or run a blog as the main purpose of the website.

Opt-In Forms

Build a database of leads with opt-in forms from a squeeze-page style home page, or from strategically placed opt-in forms throughout the website.


I'll set up Google Search Console and Google Analytics on your behalf so you have your website status and visitor profiles at your fingertips for future tweaking.

Perfect Launch

I will successfully launch your website on your own web hosting (which I can help source) and will be under your complete control.


Keep your website safe with hacker-proof security settings I set up and configure for you, and keep your database automatically backed.


Have an expert on hand post-launch to help you make the most of your new website. i include one week of unlimited email and video support in the price.

Part of the team

Feel included in design decisions as I ask for your approval of creative ideas and take yours into account at each stage.

IMAGINE what we can do for your business!

Picture yourself a year after your website’s launch. Done with the painful period of trial and error and you’ve taken a shortcut straight to the happy ending. Now you concentrate on running your business and working on your marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve developed a strict processes that I follow to the letter – and the really works. Any deviations or extras are billed separately, but if I stay within the process (we can always handle add-ons afterwards with a clear head).

If you’re raring to go, you can purchase any full package. Get your project queued up right away. 

You’ll be in immediate contact with me or my assistant. Helping you with the next steps and guide you through tough times.

If you can’t pay right away, you can choose the option to reserve a spot for a very very small deposit.

Once I receive payment. You’ll be assigned a project manager who’ll help you complete your questionnaires, guide you through the process and answer all your questions.

Yes, each package has a payment plan associated with it. Each individual payment is made on your own schedule that we’ll discuss with you in relation to the launch date you have in mind. I am very considerate.

I need you to be readily available during the One Week process. It flies by. The fact that the process is so carefully scheduled is one of the reasons we’re able to keep the price down.

You’ll be discussing the layout, the design, you’ll be testing the finished website and coordinating the final launch with your project manager during the ‘One Week’ but also in the leadup and in the support period afterwards. Please be responsive!

The One Week Website program assumes you’re starting with:-

  • A good understanding of your business plan
  • Completed branding
  • Your website’s copy/content

If you don’t have these at the start of the process, you can either wait until you do or work with us to complete them. We offer services relating to each of the prerequisites at different price points. You can contact me.

The One Week Website program assumes you’re starting with:-

  • A good understanding of your business plan
  • Completed branding
  • Your website’s copy/content

If you don’t have these at the start of the process, you can either wait until you do or work with us to complete them. We offer services relating to each of the prerequisites at different price points. You can contact me.

Yes I can. You OWN the finished product and you receive the source files once I’m done.

Yes, with the Vision Session! We’ve found that many potential clients, either because of negative past experiences or just because of the sheer amount of effort needed to apply technical/digital-marketing jargon to their business, have a lot of questions that are too complex or too specific for us to answer on a website like this one. Specific rather than generic questions are what this session is all about. What this service can do for YOU. What we recommend for YOU, etc. And even if you don’t want to go ahead right now, what advice and guidance can we give YOU that you can take forward?

Why is this not free? We charge a very small fee of $95 because this is not one of the “fake” consultations others offer. Here we’re not pretending to offer you a consultation while really spending all our energies and efforts trying to convince you to part with your money. If you do decide to move forward, sure, we can near guarantee you’ll be estatic with the results. But if you don’t want to go ahead, at least not right now, that’s fine too. The Vision Session exists to help you, not to sell to you.

Benefits include:-


  • Briefly looking at translating or extending any existing business or marketing plan to the world wide web
  • Getting a good idea of what we’d potentially recommend if we move on to the full team strategy session
  • Answering all the questions you might have about One Week Website and the process
  • Helping you prepare for and understand the prerequisites for the program


But that’s not all. If you decide to move forward with a One Week Website, you’ll be introduced to your project manager, get access to all the materials we provide to clients and have someone available to answer any questions after the Vision Session is over. See below!

The idea is that your website pays its own way in life, that it shouldn’t cost you a penny by the time you’ve improved your sales. But we have a surprise for you… what if we told you that you didn’t have to pay a fortune for a custom website, that those figures you’ve seen thrown around can be cut in half or by a quarter? Our service was created for small business owners and entrepreneurs, and we’ve set up a precisely controlled process that allows us to deliver a lot for a little. You’ll love how simple it is.

Then all the more reason to build a website that converts better. Let’s say you’re selling something that’s really expensive because it’s really valuable. Or you’re in an industry where there’s SO MUCH COMPETITION. All the more reason to pay very close attention to how much more YOUR business stands out with a strategically considered layout, with key design cues, with well placed “calls-to-action” and with a perfect experience for the user. You need to build a strategy based on the type of product you are selling or benefit you are looking for (maybe you need to collect leads, build a list and sell later, increase blog readers, for example). Make every visitor count.

I won’t be pushy. By now you must know I design strategies that fit each business. Discuss your needs with me.